Lola Ramona X Top Vintage: So who are our wonderful Dutch collaborators? Reading LR X TV: SO WHO ARE OUR WONDERFUL DUTCH COLLABORATORS? 4 minutes
Lola Ramona and Top Vintage have collaborated together for many years now to bring you the most gorgeous vintage inspired shoes and bags. It is fair for us to say that these collections are often some of our most popular and we see them fly off the shelves almost as soon as they have been put up. but who are Top Vintage and where did they come from? 
We sat down to have a chat with Angelique, the founder of Top Vintage: 


Top Vintage Boutique
From a career that wasn’t inspiring to me anymore and as a partial result of a chronic repetitive strain injury and later a burnout, I decided, after the encouragement of my fantastic husband Jack, to do finally something where my heart lies.
Some years before, I discovered on a Dutch online market place just like Ebay that I seem to have a talent for online business. I became passionate about it. I started offering exclusive vintage designer boots because I'm totally crazy about shoes for as long as I can remember. After several months of preparation, Top Vintage officially started on April 1, 2008 in our living room with a starting capital of 1000 euros. First as an exclusive vintage web shop and gradually blossomed to one of the leading online retro boutiques in Europe.
Top Vintage Boutique
This I had never dared dreaming of! Although, I must confess I dream a lot, but it's amazing when dreams really come true! What a wealth to enjoy 'work' every day and what makes it even better: people love what you do and feel feminine and beautiful in our clothes! How cool is that? One of the highlights of TopVintage- winning the title of the Best Dutch Webshop Ladies Fashion 2011 and in 2012, 2013, 2015 and 2016! - has been one of my hearts desires from the start in 2008! In 2013 we also won a price for best starting company from the Rabo Banking Group, we are also very proud of that. And we are very excited about our title Best Fashion Webshop NL 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018, rewarded by the 'Website of the Year' awards.


  Top Vintage Boutique
It soon became clear that I couldn’t handle it all alone anymore and since 2010 my husband Jack is full time working in the business after fulfilling retail management positions successfully for years. He is the one dealing with the 'serious' stuff such as sales, finance and marketing. I can go wild on my constant search for the hottest feminine collections and must haves! Jack has a lot of guts together with a strong sense for commerce combined with passion and vision. Besides the fact that we are crazy in love since 21 years, we are a fierce team in all respects. Inevitable when you're both quite temperamental and clearly know what you want, but it is always fun, very special working together as a couple and it's certainly never boring! (At least so we think :-D)
Also, I am very pleased with the enthusiastic team that we have, I would not know what to do without our team and I also really love you: our wonderful customers who share all those parties, weddings, holidays  with us through the most amazing photos, emails, and super nice comments on Facebook and on our website. Please keep on doing this, we enjoy making you happy, in fact: that is all what we are here for!
Lola Ramona X Top Vintage AW22
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If you are lucky enough to be in the Netherlands you can visit the
Top Vintage store: 
Wiebachstraat 9
6466 NG Kerkrade
The Netherlands
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