Women who inspire us: Iris Apfel

Women who inspire us: Iris Apfel


 Designated as ‘The World’s Oldest Teenage’ by herself, Iris Apfel is an inspiration in her own unique way. Throughout her years as a famous, American businesswoman she has become a fashion icon with her always colourful and inimitable style often including vibrant shoes, big bracelets and, of course, her characteristic, big, round glasses. At the age 97 she still inspires women all over the world to find out who they are and always believe in their own style – cause as she says: ‘The key to good style is learning who you are”.


Above all comes fun 

Why dress mainstream when you can dress funny? It is no secret, that Iris Apfel always have had and always will have her own sense of humour, but by incorporating this in her fashion choices, she creates awareness that above all comes enjoyment and fun. There is no need to dress traditional, if you are not a traditional person, and with the believe that everyone is special, humour should always come first. Having been included in several design- and arts projects, Iris Apfel have, most certainly, proved her point, as everything she touches is said to bear the traces of her humorous personality. Today, by always using her fun and singular vision of style, she has become an icon within entrepreneurial and innovative fashion.


 Colour makes bright 

Ever since she started her career, Iris Apfel has been inspired by colours. Her wardrobe is famous for including every possible colour of the world combining her different concepts of living – fun, brightness, and being genuine. Whether it is a pair of colourful, red shoes, a unique, green bag or a patterned, singular pair of glasses, she is making sure that colour is fashionable. A fabulous ‘more is more’ attitude when it comes to wearing bright colours make her shine wherever she goes.


Pretty is not undistinguishable 

‘You do not have to be pretty – as long as you have style, you have something much better’. If you ask Iris Apfel, being pretty is not about what other people think, and looking yourself in the mirror and feeling pretty is neither entirely about what clothes, shoes or accessories you wear – it is about feeling good in what you attire and about having your own style. Among other things, this is exactly why we at Lola Ramona find Iris Apfel inspiring. We, too, believe that pretty is not undistinguishable, and by being instantaneously recognisable, Iris Apfel is creating a picture of a world where everyone is allowed to be themselves and still be pretty. 



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