The Tote Bag

Did you know that the Tote started out as just being a word in the 17thCentury for carrying things around? It actually took some good hundred years until we got what we know today as the first official Tote bag.


An iconic time stamp in the history of the Tote bag was in the 1940´s when it was born in a shop of the brand L.L. Bean. It was designed as a big canvas bag so you could easily carry ice from your car to your freezer.


It didn’t take long before people realized that the bag could be used to carry other things around. By the 50´s the tote bag was the bag of choice for homemakers and used for groceries and household chores.
In the 60s the Tote bag hit the fashion industry. It got a newer and more feminine shape. It still looked like the old ice bag so it was recognizable but with elements of style and fashion.

Throughout the 60s the design got more color schemes and leather straps and such was added.
The flower power generations men and women making history turned  the Tote bag into an icon for an entire social and cultural movement.
When the Tote bag hit the eighties it was more popular then ever and new manufacturers was inspired to rise up the high standards to create a Tote bag that should match all tastes and needs.


Today the Tote bag has become a fashionable purse for many while others still use it just for shopping.

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