SunJellies - The Original Jelly Bag

SunJellies - The Original Jelly Bag

We just got some new arrivals that will take you down memory lane. 


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We welcome SunJellies to the Lola Ramona Webshop.

SunJellies, The Original Jelly Bag Company was created by the British seaside in 2012.  Inspired by authentic vintage designs from the mid-century through to the nineties, SunJellies will charm lovers of nostalgic fashion and homewares. Colourful, fun and versatile. From the beach to the street and in your home, SunJellies is the perfect accessory for your everyday use. 

The SunJellies girl has a whimsical soul, she loves pretty things, romance and adventure. She's stylish but is not a slave to trends, she dresses according to how she feels on the day. SunJellies takes her on a delightful trip down memory lane and best of all, she gets to keep the bag as a souvenir.

All SunJellies bags are made in Thailand from PE. 100% recyclable, washable and resuable.

 See all Jelly bags available here: SunJellies

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