The shimmering of the stars in the sky - A sneak peak at what we have coming this season at Lola Ramona

Gold freckles on a sea of black, as if you were looking at the nights sky with no lights around to obscure the view. The shimmering of the stars in the sky have mesmerised man for thousands of years.

This collection of styles from Lola Ramona is designed with this mesmeric beauty at its heart. A symphony of black and gold come together to create the Fringed embroidery collection for Autumn/ Winter 2019.

Each piece is beautiful in black but is accentuated with lashings of gold splashed throughout the collection like stars in the nights sky. This collection brings elegance in spades. Black and gold, a classic combination, comes together here to create a beautiful selection of shoes that truly has something for everyone.

Embroidery as a key theme, many of the styles see delicate golden embroidery throughout the shoes. This beautiful craftsmanship really cements this collection as one that exudes nothing but elegance and class.

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