LIFE @ LOLA RAMONA - Merry Xmas from Lola Ramona!

LIFE @ LOLA RAMONA - Merry Xmas from Lola Ramona!

To make a shoe or a bag act as a letter makes spelling Merry Xmas even better!
Oh joy :) We are ready for a weekend full of Christmas, family, friends, good food, and mountains of sweet sweet stuff.
The office is slowly closing down for the weekend. The Christmas music is a little bit louder today and it’s easy to feel the light and happy mood of a team that made it through a busy week with the best possible result.
We are happy and we hope that you are happy as well :)

We do have one special message before we go.
From all of US to all of YOU a very…

Enjoy the holidays and remember to stop by again soon for more inside stories and presentations of the Lola Ramona team. We are looking forward to it :)

Lots of LOVE, Christmas hugs and kisses
Lola Ramona

And still for the rest of December we are giving YOU:


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