LIFE @ LOLA RAMONA - Santa Claus is coming to YOUR town… soon!

LIFE @ LOLA RAMONA - Santa Claus is coming to YOUR town… soon!

Packing and shipping with Santa. A presentation and a very personal Christmas wish from the heart of our designer. Fun Facts and FREE December shipping.

Three days left till Christmas and the entire office is buzzing with activity as the last preparations before the forthcoming Holidays take place.
Your orders are being packed and send off with the big smiling bearded guy all dressed in red and white :) 
We want to thank you all for the orders you have placed. We appreciate it very much and sure hope that you will enjoy and love what you receive. The last pre-Christmas orders will leave the office and warehouse today and should be with you in time for Lola Ramona to join your Christmas parties.

In the middle of all the packing action, label writing, singing, and candy eating… sitting concentrated at her table in the corner, we find Christina.
Christina is the beautiful and playful mind behind the Lola Ramona design process. Being as colorful as her own designs it is needless to say that she brings bundles joy and eye catching glory to our everyday office life. Christina has been with the company since the very birth of it in 2006. How wonderfully lucky we are to have her giving life and personality to all our favorite ANGIEs, ELSIEs, PEGGYs, KETTYs, RINNAs, GIRLYs, VIOLAs, and to all the rest of our “girls”.
As for a personal Top 6 Lola Ramona wish list Christina would like to make an exception. “2016 has been such a hard year, for both the world and for humanity. All I wish for this Christmas is that 2017 will be less evil and bright vibrant colors could replace the grayness in the world around us. Yeah! I am dreaming of a multi-color Christmas.
Beside that I do wish for YOU that your wishes all come true" :)
Aaaw how sweet is that. Thank you so much.

FUN FACT: Besides being a very talented designer Christina has another very special gift. She can solve ANY computer problem that could happen at the office. With an incredible stubbornness and passion she locks on to the problem and will not give up until it has been solved. Way to go Christina! :)

We at Lola Ramona hope that all of YOUR wishes will come true and that Santa is already on his way to you. We can't have him being late can we?
Thank you so much for stopping by us today and read a little about our world and what is happening at the office on a normal day like today. 
Please remember that even though we are past the deadline for deliveries before Christmas, we still have this for you for the rest of December.

Lots of LOVE
Lola Ramona

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