Hello, I am leather - English

Hello, I am leather - English

At Lola Ramona we work with a lot of different materials. In this blog we will tell you about leather...
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At Lola Ramona we work with a lot of different materials.
In this blog we will tell you about leather.


Depending on what kind of funky design we want to create, we can choose a lot of different materials and finishes.
The way we choose to handle these materials determinate the “feeling of the design”.

Waxing will give you one look, impregnation a different, brushing or heating yet another impression,
and we could go on… but you get the point 
 A designer shoe can express a million of different things and appeal to all kind of different personalities.

 Here is a small guide to our most used leather materials, when designing ladies shoes and handbags.
And also a few pointers to how you keep your shoes “fit for fight” as long as possible.


Leather is by far the most common and approved fashion statement. Leather is an animal material.
At Lola Ramona we use the leather from cow and sheep. The leather is tanned and then dyed.
Depending on your design idea, leather is an amazing material to work with.
You can stretch, twist and shrink it to the shape you wish to accomplish.
We can work with raw edges because it doesn't tread.
We often heat emboss polka dots and bows into the leather, it shapes beautifully.

Top left: Angie Bubbles with embossed leather dots. Top right: Angie Gold Fever with raw leather edges on bow.
Bottom left: Ava Pretty Please with leather covered heel. Bottom right: Kitten Suit me Up with suede and snake embossed leather.


Sometimes we carve the leather, to get some thinner versions of the material.

Split leather:
A thinner version of the full grain leather.
Since it's a thinner version, it's also more fragile.
We use the split leather when we make our bows and for the shaft of most of our boots.
Is the backside of both the full grain leather and the split leather.
It has a granulated surface and since its open in the fibers it is more sensitive to dirt.

Is very thin leather and it's often without any structure.
This variation is mostly used on the inside of the lady shoes and for pipings. 

You can recognize the Lola Ramona leather shoes and leather boots
on the style number that always starts with 41 and on this logo:

Lola Ramona shoe box and shoes.


All our products are treated with care before shipped from the factory, and they love being well treated.

The rule is that smooth leather should have leather grease and suede should be impregnated. 

The more often you treat your shoes, the more dirt-proof they become. They keep the color better and stay smooth and soft longer and then the joy is greater for everyone ❤


Leather is still the most common material when manufacturing shoes.
No matter how stylish and comfortable it may be, some may not be able to ignore the fact that it's from an animal. 
Just a few years ago there weren't many good alternatives to leather, but that has totally changed.
And of course we also have vegan shoes og bags.
In our next blog we will tell you about our vegan products. 


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