Award winning La Carmina - Alternative Fashion, Travel and Culture Blogger

La Carmina is an alternative fashion, travel and culture blogger, international TV host (Travel Channel, NBC, Food Network, National Geographic, Discovery), author of 3 books (for Penguin USA and Random House), and travel journalist at Business Insider, CNN Travel, Yahoo Travel and AOL / Huffington Post. She was awarded the Best Blog of the Year award in 2017.

She began her La Carmina travel & fashion blog in September 2007, as a creative outlet during her studies at Yale Law. Since then, she has published two books with major publishers, hosted travel TV shows for major networks (including with Andrew Zimmern and William Shatner), and flown to over 60 countries for fashion and tourism projects. La Carmina’s worldwide adventures include speaking at an Istanbul tourism forum, judging a Filipino beauty pageant, popping into Hobbit holes in New Zealand, dancing with drag queens in Israel, and volunteering with punk rockers in Burma.

La Carmina’s mission is to showcase underground and youth subcultures in a positive light, and encourage meaningful, offbeat, compassionate travel. Today, she pursues these passions through professional blogging and journalism, TV hosting and production, and her own travel series that is filmed all around the world.

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