Anja Jargil - A Bride in Lola Ramona

Anja Jargil - A Bride in Lola Ramona
The happy couple
We wanted our wedding day to be very much our way. We had the wedding and reception in a beautiful park in Copenhagen. Then we had an intimate dinner at a restaurant with our family, before a crazy party at what used to be an old car repair shop. We wanted the day to be fun, so we asked our guests to dress to impress and be ready to dance the night away.

We chose to have our wedding in the beautiful HC Ørsteds Park in Copenhagen, because we both always loved the park. The fun thing about the park is that it’s a know hook up place for gay men, so we thought that it was a place where a lot of loving had happened.
Since none of us are religious we had a woman from them mayors office come to wed us. We had little speeches for each other kinda like American wedding vows.
I loved the atmosphere of being surrounded by all our friends and family and declaring our love in front of them.
I choose to have a dress made by Dress by Ines ( Her shop is just around the corner from where I live and I had passed a very beautiful wedding dress in her window almost daily for a year, I knew it was probably gonna be over my budget but I had to go in and ask. I turned out to be right and WAY over my budget but Katherine was very sweet and professional, and together we came up with the concept for the dress. I don’t own any white clothes and always wear black, so for me it was an obvious choice to have a black wedding dress.
The Wedding party
My second demand was that I needed something I could dance in. For my shoes I asked my good friend Gitte to help me out, I have been a big Lola Ramona fan for many years, and the Angie model is so comfortable, they were perfect for me.
Gitte was really cool and gave me lots of material samples so I could choose the materials that the shoes would be made from. I chose around 5 different samples and left the rest up to Gitte... She is after all the one who makes shoes for a living, not me!
The shoes for the big day!
The shoes were later sold as Angie Lush, which was probably the coolest thing ever, who doesn’t dream of having their own shoe design?

I am a hairdresser, make-up artist and photographer who owns and runs and salon in Copenhagen called Lush Lounge. My husband is a sound engineer who does live sound for concerts, mostly Norweigian black metal bands. He travels a lot, so sometimes I get to tag along and go on adventures around the world with him. We both love to travel and see the world, especially it’s beautiful nature. We love good food and wine, music and parties.
I’ve been a big Lola Ramona fan since the brand started and I saw the shoes for the first time. I love the colours and stripes. When I then tried them on and found out how comfortable they were I was sold!
   I have an extensive collection of Lola shoes and bags.. But that’s a story for a different blog...;)