The children's office in Horsens has existed since 1947 and is one of eight subdivisions of the county office which is located in Copenhagen.
Chairman Jonna Sørensen, who has been the chair(wo)man for the last 17 years, tells a little about their work here.
The Children's Office Horsens' primary task is to help families with school-seeking children in Horsens county who have a hard time financially.
To receive support, you must send an application that will be processed by the board:
“Every year in November we give, help with clothes and shoes and requisition of clothes and shoes.
Unfortunately, we have to conclude that bullying at school has not been abolished yet, so it can be a bit of a victory that you can go to school in smart new clothes once in a while. ”
“In 2018, we helped 193 school-seeking children. There was 1000kr for each child, ”says Jonna.
We once arranged a trip to Legoland in the children's summer vacation. The trip was free and we ended the day with Lego for the kids. It would be a dream to be able to arrange more trips like this in the future.
To get the money for all this, the children's office Horsens apply for donations from foundations, trade unions, lodges, the federal association and the county.
"We have a very special sponsor here in Horsens," Jonna tells with a little smile.
Lola Ramona has in the last seven years arranged shoe sales from their warehouse in Horsens. It is always a great day and is arranged by Gitte Sandquist who is the owner of Lola Ramona and the children's office helps out where they can. The sponsorship runs up to approximately SEK 38,000 each year.
In Aarhus and Aalborg, the children's office is known for their sausage carts, but in Horsens, the Lola Ramona shoe sales provide the many funds.
When you say the children's office you would probably expect an office somewhere. But that is not the case. Everyone works voluntarily and since all the money has to go to the children, we work from the living room.
Without the help we get from different companies, federations, foundations etc and not least Lola Ramona, this could not be done. We are very grateful on behalf of the children.
This year we will once again arrange a Lola Ramona sale. All the profits will go to the children´s office.
It will be May 25 from 10-14
There will be lots of delicious shoes and bags at good prices.
So grab you friends and swing buy the Lola Ramona warehouse and support a good cause


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