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The Last Dance

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Judy DivineJudy Divine
Judy Divine
Sale price€75.00 Regular price€160.00
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Penelope StarPenelope Star
Penelope Star
Sale price€60.00 Regular price€100.00
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Poodleicious - Tee bird*Poodleicious - Tee bird*
Poodleicious - Tee bird*
Sale price€35.00 Regular price€100.00
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Wild At Heart - Tee bird*Wild At Heart - Tee bird*
Wild At Heart - Tee bird*
Sale price€20.00 Regular price€40.00
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Marilyn Queen*Marilyn Queen*
Marilyn Queen*
Sale price€52.00 Regular price€175.00
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KIDS - Serena Junior Lace*KIDS - Serena Junior Lace*
KIDS - Serena Junior Lace*
Sale price€30.00 Regular price€65.00
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Jada PoppyJada Poppy
Jada Poppy
Sale price€55.00 Regular price€120.00
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Serena Coach Red SneakersAction shot
Serena Coach #MyLolaSneaks**
Sale price€55.00 Regular price€100.00
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Serena Referee SneakersAction shot
Serena Referee #MyLolaSneaks*
Sale price€55.00 Regular price€100.00
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Look At My Shoes - Tee Bird*Look At My Shoes - Tee Bird*
Look At My Shoes - Tee Bird*
Sale price€25.00 Regular price€36.00
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Peggy Wild - Vegan*Peggy Wild - Vegan*
Peggy Wild - Vegan*
Sale price€40.00 Regular price€95.00
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Angie Cerella**Angie Cerella**
Angie Cerella**
Sale price€60.00 Regular price€135.00

Last Dance Sale Section

For some of these gorgeous ladies they are the last of their pack. We are down to the last one, two or three pairs in each style. They are now ready to waltz out of our warehouse and are asking you for a dance.

These are all designs which will not be returning, so this is your last chance to grab them and give them a swing.