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Alice Wonderland**Alice Wonderland**
Alice Wonderland**
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Angie All Hero**Angie All Hero**
Angie All Hero**
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Ava Swudge
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Jada PoppyJada Poppy
Jada Poppy
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Allison Heart-toe**Allison Heart-toe**
Allison Heart-toe**
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Penelope StarPenelope Star
Penelope Star
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Ava Vogue**Ava Vogue**
Ava Vogue**
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June Murphy**June Murphy**
June Murphy**
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Angie Delicate**Angie Delicate**
Angie Delicate**
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Ava Flashback**Ava Flashback**
Ava Flashback**
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Ava Fortune Cream**Ava Fortune Cream**
Ava Fortune Cream**
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Elsie Match**Elsie Match**
Elsie Match**
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Alice Night Rider**Alice Night Rider**
Alice Night Rider**
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June Passion Red pump red with white dots
June Passion**
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Ava GildedAva Gilded
Ava Gilded
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Inez Sweet Treat Jade*Inez Sweet Treat Jade*
Inez Sweet Treat Jade*
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June ScarletJune Scarlet
June Scarlet
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Ava All Day - Vegan**Ava All Day - Vegan**
Ava All Day - Vegan**
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Ava SparklingAva Sparkling
Ava Sparkling
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Ava Everyday - VeganAva Everyday - Vegan
Ava Everyday - Vegan
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Angie Story
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Judy AttractionJudy Attraction
Judy Attraction
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Ava BerryAva Berry
Ava Berry
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Front viewInez Sweet Treat Coral
Inez Sweet Treat Coral*
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Its finally SUMMER!

Our Summer 2022 collections are a medley of both colours and design inspirations. With our traditional LOLA RAMONA DNA you will find a lot of traditional black-red-white details. Stripes, dots & bows are as always present in many versions and we have taken inspiration in both the hectic city life and the sun and the warmth of the long summer nights where for instant SKATES have turned into a popular sport. We celebrate the DIVERSITY of humans and the fact that designing for BIG FEET is important. With our SOMETHING NEW.. SOMETHING OLD collections, we will be showing you all the lovely BRIDES in our community and we will make Lola Ramona inspired proposals for you. As always we are proud to present our VINTAGE INSPIRED collections which we are making in collaboration with Top Vintage We are also very proud to show you our very first EYECANDY collection, made in cooperation with Shoefun. 

#MyLolaSneaks has been elevated to a new level and for your enjoyment, we now have even more versions to offer and have even made DESIGN COLLABORATIONS with some of our beloved customers. At last but not least GLITTER... Get your sparkle on! With all kind of amazing styles- Meant to be worn everyday, not just for festive occasions 

As always we are making sure you can match and mix with a lot of cool accessories. We are talking killer HANDBAGS! Awesome SUNGLASSES, PINS and SOCKS in all shapes and colours.

Keep an eye on this collection throughout the season as we continue to add drops and sweets with more and more exciting styles for your enjoyment.