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"Revive, Re-Love, Repeat: Give Your Shoes a Second Chance!

Welcome to our innovative concept of re-loved shoes, where old favorites get a new lease on life. Sold by us once, cherished by you, and now, they have the chance to shine again!

Here's how it works: simply bring back your pre-loved shoes to us, and in return, receive a gift certificate of Dkk 200,- / € 27,- as payment. We'll work our magic to vamp up these shoes, breathing new life into their sassy designs.

Once transformed, they'll be ready to find a new home and to be sold again to another Lola Lover who can then feel fabulous.

Not only are you getting a chance to declutter your closet and earn something in return, but you're also playing a part in saving the environment. By giving these shoes a second life, we're reducing waste and promoting sustainable fashion practices.

But that's not all! New customers will have the opportunity to enjoy some of the popular old designs that have been revamped and brought back to life. Imagine owning a piece of fashion history with a modern twist!

Join us in this exciting journey of sustainability and style. Let's make a difference, one step at a time. Revive, re-love, repeat with us!"

What does a re-wamp contain: