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Cool flats are a must-have in any wardrobe. Cool flats are a must-have in any wardrobe. Flat shoes are easy to slip your feet into, comfortable to wear and suitable for any occasion. There are many advantages of flat shoes, but what ultimately determines how much you are going to use your flat shoes is whether you like their appearance.

Explore Lola Ramona's numerous cool flats, and find the model, colour and pattern you like best.

Sandals for summer

In the summer swelter, a pair of good sandals is worth their weight in gold. Sandals let the air get to your toes, so you avoid getting hot, sweaty and stuffy.

Sandals are available in all shapes and sizes. If you love sandals without straps that are easy to just slip on, we have several different models to offer you. The same applies to those of you who like to tighten your sandals around your feet with small straps.  

Cool flats for everyday use

For everyday use, many women need a pair of cool flats that are comfortable to wear for a long day at school or work. We offer cool flats with shoelaces that fit your foot nicely and are great for walking. You can choose between cool flats in many different types – with and without shoelaces.

Cool flats for parties

Flat shoes shouldn't just be reserved for everyday use. On the contrary. Many people choose to wear cool flats for special occasions and parties, ensuring superior comfort all night long – so they can last many hours on the dance floor.

Classic ballerinas are a safe choice. They are available in many colours and patterns as well as with different unique details. Among other things, you can choose between stripes, spots and leopard print. At Lola Ramona you can find both pointed ballerinas and ballerinas with a soft, more rounded toe.

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