CEO and founder of Lola Ramona Gitte Sandquist tells about why the brand, after more than 10 years of making stunning heeled footwear, now have started to
make Sneakers.
“I love shoes” and especially the loud ones with a lot of details and a lot of colors. I also love heels and when I founded Lola Ramona 12 years ago. The incentive was to provide beautiful, comfortable and affordable heels to ladies all over the world. There were a lot of “flats” out there. But the “everyday” heels were missing. It was the times of the “The Naughties” The fashion scene was inspired by wild fashion and sky- high heels were walking of the catwalk and straight into the streets. And I LOVED it… (I still do), Lola Ramona will always be a brand with beautiful heels.
This decade offers new trends and new and exciting ways for you to express yourself, and new ways for me to interpret our beautiful brand.  Honestly… I am a 10 cm high heel girl… I never ever thought that I would make sneakers. But, I am actually pretty excited about all the new ways I am able to combine materials, colors and patterns. I am also loving the way that the sneaker trend has moved from; the white sneakers which grace the fashionable feet and into more and more of the “Dad sneaker” and the “Retro Sneaker”.
The “Dad sneaker” is characterized by many details and colors, initially these were mostly worn by the typical American father J. This style is something I really can relate to. The “Retro sneaker” is characterized by surprising color combinations in a wide variety of materials. For the few past years these particular kind of sneaker has moved its way into the fashion industry and paved a way for us at Lola Ramona to actually feel that; This is something we can be a part of and something we are able to present our take on.
I think it’s a great new product group for us! I love the many variations you can do over one single product and get so many different expressions. It is of course always nice to have a pair of classic white or black sneakers, but it is also nice to have a few that makes a bit more noise. I am tempted to say: “The more, the merrier”
Except for the look of the sneaker there are a few things you also need to consider when you buy a new pair of sneakers…
Here are top 5 tips:
They should be comfortable to wear.
Comfort is important, do they feel comfortable and suit your foot? The sole should feel bouncy, sturdy and nice to walk on. Consider how you feel about the inner sole. Does it feel soft and support your foot?
Consider your shoesize.
Sneakers are often more spacious than heeled shoes. If you are not used to wearing sneaks you might have to try a few sizes to find the right size.
Wear them in.
If you are attending an event or want to take a long walk in your brand new sneaks. It could get painful. Wear your new sneakers at home first and walk around for a few hours, even if the shoes are comfortable when you buy them. They are new! Often, they will need to be worn in.
Make them fit with your style
My mantra: Style is everything!! And don´t be shy! Fit them with your wardrobe, make them a part of your personal style. Today you can wear sneakers with both pretty dresses and jeans and everything in between.
Care for your #MyLolaSneaks
The buy and throw away culture is over. Buy your sneakers in a good quality and take care of them. If they have been with you in bad weather. Dry them with a cloth and perhaps you should clean the soles if they are covered in dirt. If it’s a canvas version, you could coat them with a water-resistant agent. You do not need to clean them with a toothbrush as some sneaker nerds do J just keep them in good shape and care for them. 

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