This is a blog asking YOU to help the blog :)
- Lola Ramona needs YOU!

Happy Friday dearest blog reader :)
Yes it’s true; we at Lola Ramona’s blog team needs help from you.

At the moment we are experiencing so many great and very exciting new actions at the office,
and we’re running as fast as our heels allow us, and joggling a thousand bright ideas and visions.

Unfortunately this means that our blog people don’t have the research time they normally have.
We want to avoid blogs about their pets and their favorite dishes hahaha :) 
so here’s what we would like to ask from you…

Please let us know what YOU would like us to focus on in the forthcoming blogs.
The design and production process has been mentioned earlier, and we will get around that soon.
What else would be nice to share with you?

Help us by posting your suggestions at the very bottom of this blog post or on Facebook under the blog bulletin.
This would help the little team a lot and also get YOU extra involved in the blog subjects.

We at Lola Ramona want to wish you the very best of weekends, and to thank you ever so much…
for being YOU!

Lots of love
Lola Ramona

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