About the beauty of knitting, and a thing called life :)

This is the beginning of the most sad yet happiest week at the Lola office.

Sad because we will be saying, “So long, see you later” to our dear colleague Maria, who will be leaving us for what surely will feel like way too long time, but...
VERY HAPPY because Maria only takes a break to go on maternity leave.

This is fantastic and the whole office is so excited about this, and we almost cannot wait any longer to meet the baby girl, and welcome her into our happy little Lola family.
And even though we do not know the little person yet, there is one thing we are all pretty sure about…
She will look smashing!
Maria brought to the office these cute home knitted clothes, all done by her very talented aunt.

Just look at this sweetness. - Aaaaw!!!

How cute is this?
Very much so if you ask us.

If you think so too and if you are into knitting as well, we recommend you to stop by and take a look at Maria’s aunt’s very own knitting blog. The blog is in Danish, but we are sure that there will be plenty of inspiration there for everybody to enjoy.
The blog is called “Strikkefryd” and can be found right here.

Talking about smashing, looking good, and being cute…
Here’s a little collage showing Maria´s beautiful development over the last months.

In fact we find it so beautiful that we almost wish that Maria could keep looking like this forever.
Maria however has a slightly different view on this :)

No matter what; it’s easy to be a little mind blown by the majesty of life.

We all wish Maria the best of luck with the last part of her pregnancy, and we promise to be ready to shower the little newcomer with smiles and love.

We will see you soon Maria!  

Lots of love
Lola Ramona

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