Hello I am vegan - English

Hello I am vegan - English

At Lola Ramona we work with a lot of different materials. In this blog we will tell you about the vegan materials.
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At Lola Ramona we work with a lot of different materials.
In this blog we will tell you about the vegan materials.


A designer shoe or handbag can express a million of different things, and appeal to all kind of different personalities.
Depending on what kind of funky design we want to create, we can choose from a whole pallet of looks.
It is the way we choose to handle the different materials that determine the “feeling of the design” 
Here is a small guide to one of our most used materials when designing ladies shoes and handbags.


Just a few years ago, the alternative materials to leather weren't many, and a lot of them were really bad.
This has now totally changed.
The vegan leather qualities you get today are amazing.
And it is almost impossible, to spot the difference from leather.
The vegan materials we use,
are NOT made from the traditional filaments, which is long fibers that makes it hard for the feed to breathe.
We use Vegan leather with stacked fibers, small pieces of fibers that are pressed together, which allow your feet to breathe.
The vegan leathers are flexible and very soft.
Our beautiful vegan shoes and vegan handbags:
1. Looks almost as real as genuine leather.
2. Are made from breathable materials - NO MORE SWEATY FEET 
3. Contains no animal-derived ingredients.

There are lots of other vegan materials... vegan are also:
Canvas, glitter, cork, satin, cotton, velvet, straw, microfiber and rubber.

Top left: Elsie Red Dots made of vegan leather. Top right: Ava Gingham made of gingham fabric.
Bottom left: Ava Velvet Exclusive made of velvet and vegan leather. Bottom right: Alice Confetti made of vegan leather covered with glitter.


You can always recognize a Lola Ramona VEGAN product at the style number, it will always start with 40.
And with this logo:
With an extra hangtag saying:

The Revisited Lola Ramona logo on the shoebox and shoes:

Before the products leave our factory, they have all been cared for, and they LOVE that 
So if you want to keep them happy, you throw some TLC their way once and again.

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