• Shelly Beyond
  • Shelly Beyond

Shelly Beyond

Shelly Beyond - Black Suede ladies winter lace up boots from Lola Ramona



Shelly is beyond your wildest dreams. Looking like a nights sky full of Coloured stars, this boot is a gorgeous take on a classic Lola Ramona look. It comes with a gorgeous warm lining and thick sole so its ready for the elements this winter!

Shelly is a new style to Lola Ramona, It will always have the beautiful cosy lining and robust sole to help you battle the colder months! As always it includes a memory foam sole for the best comfort. 

Height:  3,5 cm
Front Plateau:  None
Heel:  Rubber
Upper:  Suede 
Lining:  Warm Lining
Outsole:  Rubber
Colors:  Black/Multi

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