• Lola Ramona Shoes - Revisited- Angie P True Heels

Angie P True

Lola Ramona Angie P True Heels - Revisited Shoes

€70.00 €130.00


True love in the shape of a pair of Angie P Lola Ramona heels. Wearing red shoes is so empowering. We recommend every woman to try it.

Angie P True is a Revisited model that we have made especially for you as a birthday treat. It will only be available for a limited period and you can only get it here.

Angie P is an all time favourite and the product hero of Lola Ramona. Despite the fact that it is high it is soft and comfortable. Soft foam embed your foot and the front foot plateau allows no sore feet.

Height: 10 cm 
Front Plateau: 2 cm
Heel: Covered
Upper: Suede
Lining: Leather
Outsole: Rubber
Colors: Red, cream

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