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Allison Main

Lola Ramona Allison Main Bootie

€87.50 €175.00


Allison Main has all the components to make it big. The popular Lola Ramona colours: Red, black and cream, big polkadots and of course: bows. You get 2 pairs of detachable bows with Allison Main: Red bows and black bows. There are fixed with pushbuttons and are easily changed for whatever look you are going for today.

Allison is a brandnew Lola Ramona style. This is an amazingly comfortable bootie and the chelsea boot shape is very appealing. The fit is standard and like all Lola Ramona shoes you can wear them all day without any discomfort and sore feet.

Heel height:  3 cm 
Front Plateau:  None
Heel:  Black TPR
Upper:  Leather
Outsole:  Black TPR
Colors:  Cream, red, black

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