Quirky shoes

Lola Ramona has always been known as the brand with the quirky shoes. We design with our hearts, so we guess it also says a lot about the people behind the brand. We will now show you some of our favorite quirky shoes. As a natural number 1. Kitten Multi 411304-90.

In fact the multi colored "quirky put together " has a special place in our hearts. The small patches are kind of a color chart of the entire collection, and you can always look for one of the patchwork styles to get an idea about the colors of the season. A display of this would be Stiletto Multi 411930-90.

But quirky can be displayed in a bunch of different ways, like dots with stripes with bows and the list goes on.... Here is an example of what we mean: Rinna Multi 411004-90.

The last piece we want to highlight as being elegant but still a bit quirky is: Angie P 412226-90 Giant Dots. Notice that even the inside of the shoe has a twist.


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