Wild Vegan Collection


      The Wild Vegan collection looks to push boundaries by creating styles that are free from any animal products but look like they are not! We have combined an array of different snakeskin materials into this collection both in shoes and bags in some of Lola Ramona’s most popular styles.

      Sorry, there are no products in this collection.

      This is a groundbreaking collection for Lola Ramona, It sees us combine so many of our loved retro styles with an incredibly modern look in the vegan Snakeskin. We truly believe this collection has a style for every taste even if snakeskin would not be your first choice. Our Ava styles embody the transformative nature of this collection as they have created a fantastically modern twist on an old classic. Our Eileen boots are beautiful, contemporary and really break the mould of what we have done before showing the exciting new direction Lola Ramona is heading in. 

      These shoes are 100% vegan so they can be enjoyed by all, Vegan leather is an incredibly high-quality product and you lose nothing in terms of quality from original animal products. 

      All these shoes come with the ever-present memory foam insole so they stand up to the well-known standards of comfort that you are used to with Lola Ramona designs.