The Workshop - Spring Summer 21


Welcome to the workshop, the place where every Lola Lovers favourite creations come into being. The Lola philosophy has always been that of comfort and quality above everything else. And for SS21 this is absolutely the heart of our collection. We have gone back to the drawing board and looked at what we know you love and tried to create it in the best way we know how.

Sorry, there are no products in this collection.


This season sees us hark back to the Lola of old with stripes, dots and our DNA everywhere to be seen. We have taken inspiration from everywhere, from tv and cinema to just downright silliness in the office; we have created a selection that we know will make our customers go weak at the knees.


Our commitment to inclusivity and ensuring that everyone is catered to has also been a focus of this year’s collections. For the first time we are running many of our styles in size 43. This has been requested so many times now that it became the most obvious decision in the world. We hope this opens up Lola Ramona to many more people who enjoy.


Each collection has a theme and a story close to the heart of Lola Ramona. Our founder and head designer Gitte has left little sprinkles of her personality in the collections for you to try and find. As we launch each new capsule collection you will have the opportunity to win a prize if you can decipher Gitte’s hidden codes!


2021 also brings with it the continuation of our commitment to the LGBTQAI+ community. After the success of last year’s initiative, we now partner with Copenhagen 2021 the organization at the helm of WorldPride in Copenhagen this August. This will see us add four new styles to our pride lines with proceeds from the selected styles going directly to Copenhagen 2021. Furthermore, we have also partnered with Foreningen for Støtte til Transkønnede Børn or FSTB to create a further collection to be used to raise awareness for transgender children in Denmark. Proceeds from this collection will be contributed towards their continued efforts to bring light to this fantastic cause.


From all of us here at Lola Ramona we hope that you enjoy our 2021 collection and that it brings you the same joy it brought us in it’s creation.