PRIDE Collection


Lola Ramona, over the years, has had the pleasure of working with many great people! None more so than those from the LGBTQAI+ Community and this got us to thinking... How we could give back something to this wonderful community?

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Working with people from the community we have created a line of shoes that are inclusive and exciting and meant for everyone. They are designed with the LGBTQAI+ community in mind and therefore these shoes will directly give back to charities that are at the heart of this amazing and diverse community!
Please enjoy this wonderful selection of shoes designed to be worn by anyone and everyone. Here you will find shoes with larger sizes to accommodate those of us with larger feet.
All of this collection comes with the beautiful memory foam insole so you can party the night away in perfect comfort.

Remember, if it has a Rainbow insole, its giving 100% of proceeds to Copenhagen pride!