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Best Friend Forever

Best Friend Forever



Become a member of Lola Ramona's BFF Club

Become a VIP member of Lola Ramona´s Best Friend Forever and support your brand.

It is extremely exciting to be a brand which is very innovative and growing rapidly.

We love Lola Ramona and would love to share more with you.

We need best friends who will support us, share our thoughts and can depend on for input when it´s needed.

This is why:

We would love your friendship. 

When you buy the BFF Certificate of  26 Euro or 54 Euro

You not only support Lola Ramona.

You also receive special offers which are exclusive only to members.

And … why not give you´r best friend a membership as well ?

As BFF you get:

A cool and special members only keyring, which cannot be bought anywhere.

VIP access to selected events.

Special products that can only be bought by BFF´s.

The possibility to vote a style into production.

Membership of a special Best Friend Facebook group.

Your certificate can be used to buy your next pair of shoes at our webshop.

The Certificate can be used at www.lolaramona.com

After your purchase, you will soon receive a welcome letter and log-in to BFF and get an invitation to our Best Friend Facebook group.



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