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Posted on 04 May 2018


They manage, orchestrate, parent, lead and make vital decisions:
Find out what power means to these influential women. It may not be what you expected.
This first blog will be about:
Daisy Huang:
Mom, leader and organizer of all that goes on at the Lola Ramona factory.

Daisy is running a full scale factory every day.
She is Chinese and has been a part of Lola Ramona since the times where we only made 300 pairs of shoes. 
Today that number is more than 10 x times larger.
Apart from running the Lola Ramona products, the factory also makes productions for other brands.
She has grown with Lola Ramona all the way, and today she is the owner and partner of the Lola Ramona factory.
She is also a mom to 4 years old Benjamin who attends kinder garden every day.
And a wife to Simon, who assist her in every way he can. Her day is jam packed from 07.00 in the morning until midnight.
She meets with suppliers, negotiate prices, buy materials, handle external clients, overlook the last and pattern making,
and lead the staff on a daily basis. The list is long and continues.
Still she manages to see the big picture, and you can always make her laugh.


How on earth did you manage to get to where you are today?
Where in your life did you find that power?
Growing up, I was the middle child and a girl! Nobody really cared about me, and I never got any attention.
My father did not want me to continue at school. Why should I? I could just find an OK rich guy and get married.
No need to spend money on my education. (The relationship with the father was never really good).
I lived in a small village with bad culture, and girls were not really considered for anything. But I wanted more!
I had a strong head, and wanted to be something different than a traditional Chinese girl.
I built my skills through a lot of different jobs, and finally I got offered a managers job. I took it!
Even though I knew, that no one would help me. That’s unfortunately the way business is treating power women in China.
I was able to travel abroad, and learned about different cultures. It opened my eyes and has made me “bigger”,
and made me able to build the path I want to follow.
I always take an opportunity when it´s presented.
I want to say to all Chinese ladies:
“Take them all!!!”
Opportunities don´t come often, especially not if your a Chinese female.
How do you manage to stay strong? What’s the trick?
Sometimes I want to give up… At quiet times, I sometimes think: “Why do I do this”?
But then I do the workout, and relax for a bit, and it comes to me.
I am like a bridge for my family, my customers and my workers. This is my personality. My responsibility.
What was your childhood dream?
I was 8 years old in my hometown. An old man said to me: “ Wauw, you are so ugly… You will never have a good life”!
It has stuck with me since that day.
Then the TV came to the city, and a lady was translating for us. And I thought, if I can do that, I will be famous in my hometown… And that was all I wanted. I was so normal, so what could I do.
What is the worst decision you`ve EVER made?
2008 – September/October, my father had cancer. I visited him, and saw that he was very sick.
He said, that he was getting better, so said my mom. What I didn´t know was,
that my parents did not want me to quit my job and go back to my hometown. So I stayed at work.
Unfortunately my father only had a few days left.
I could have stayed with him, and talked to him and restored the relationship. I never did, I should have been there more.
What will be the biggest challenge for the generation of (Chinese) women behind you?
What is the most significant barrier to female leadership?
In China people do not want women to be superheroes.
They will be suspicious, and think that you are sleeping your way up.
If you are young, beautiful and clever - There must for sure be something wrong with you.
The expectations from the family, and from the society are, that you should get married and have a child. Not build a career.
Families will try to keep you at home to be the traditional wife/mom.
There is a lot of: Blame… Blame… Blame… So much pressure!
They will need to get their family to support them. If not… The women will get a broken heart.
She will be expected to be: Supermom, Super daughter, Super leader & Super wife.

What woman inspires you and why?
 Her name is: Pan Yuan Xiang
A Chinese woman, who after an accident where she was badly burned, was left only with a torso and her arms,
and still managed to build a career.
In general hard working women, who earn their respect and build their own abilities.



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