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Posted on 22 February 2018

In a few days, the new collection and pictures by Lola Ramona in cooperation with photographer Jacob Skaaning will be released. Get ready to be puzzled and charmed by a unique, quirky and stripy existence. Jacob Skaaning has worked with several great companies and his pictures always describe the uniqueness in every situation.


Like a parallel universe, Lola Ramona allows you to dive into a world of unique, edgy, peculiar and artistic collections. A wonderland where characters like Alice and Willy Wonka would instantly feel at home. A universe in constant change where stripes, dots and bows are playing the leading role.



Lola Ramona is all about the advanced comprehension skill of reading between the lines. Whether it's the beautiful products, the hat-shaped lamps, or the never-ending stripes, running from floor to walls, the inspiration for each collection comes from that place of illusion, where you can do exactly as you want.

The bows and the kisses on the shoeboxes, are sent to you with love on each and every product shipped out.


"We love our »Narnia«. It´s super unique and we are lucky to be able to do this every day", says Gitte Sandquist, founder of Lola Ramona.


The colors black, white and red are the basics of Lola Ramona.
Still, the brand always adds that extra adventure and freshness into each style.

Lola Ramona is “Shoes with an attitude”, and your gateway into an arena of fun, dedication and love of great design. And Lola Ramona is letting design, comfort, uniqueness and magic into your life!

The peculiar style of Lola Ramona always results in great collections:

Vegan leather handbag
65 EUR

Laces 70 cm - 5 EUR          Laces 110 cm - 7 EUR

Angie Bubbles
Pumps in leather
150 EUR

Ava Malone
Wingtip shoes in leather
140 EUR


Joan Duo
Vegan leather handbag
83 EUR

Stiletto Renegade
Heels in leather
165 EUR

Ava All Hero
Leather sandals
140 EUR

Bella Love
Vegan clutch
43 EUR

Ava Summer Loving
Snake embossed leather sandals
140 EUR

June Pick It Up
Snake embossed leather pumps
165 EUR


Inez Unique
Vegan leather handbag
68 EUR

Alice All That
Suede block heel shoes
140 EUR

Alice Make It Happen
Suede leather shoes
150 EUR


Stella Sweetheart
Vegan leather handbag
68 EUR

Visit us at www.lolaramona.com or go behind the scenes on photographer Jacob Skaaning's photo shoot for Stripesody here:


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