Lea - The baker with a special hobby

Meet Lea, a big fan living in Lolland. Some may say, she has too many products from Lola Ramona, but we won't, she recently sent us some pictures showing off our shoes and how she has made space for so many Lola Ramona's


My name is Lea, I am a trained baker and I live on Lolland with my boyfriend, who is a blacksmith, and our dog Oscar. My boyfriend and I do not agree on Lola's love, but that hasn't stopped me from pursuing my hobby.


I have known the brand Lola Ramona since 2015. But only started collecting in 2017. Since then I have kind of picked up different products. Someone thinks too many products, but I love everything about Lola.


I collect Lola Ramona just like others collect on stamps or vases with stripes. It's my hobby and is a wonderful one. I spend my money on Lola while others smoke cigarettes or buy clothes.

Lola Ramona is the answer to my inner girl, my feminine side I do not so often express and show. I think the quirky, funny and different designs are amazing. I love to stand out, I've always done that. Because of this, In the past, fingers have been pointed... I have fortunately become indifferent now and I don't really care what people say, I love Lola Ramona ❤


I have now collected 168 pairs of Lola Ramona shoes. I keep them in a room only for them and clothes. I have a glass cabinet, shelves of several kinds, two shoe carousels and a sideboard. So yes, it is only the imagination that sets limits... and all the boxes I have of course hidden where there is a picture of each shoe on. So I know where they belong.
I also have 42 bags and 3 purses.

I love Angie. Of course black, white and red... it's a great combo... and cream ones with big polka dots, or snow white Angie, or... there are so many of them that are beautiful.

Lola Ramona, is amazing... and it is so easy to love. What I love most is that there are so many expressions and styles so there is something for every occasion. There is no dull day with Lola Ramona. If you are in a bad mood, just open the door to the room and you are already in a better mood.

I think there will always be a Lola girl missing from my collection, because it will never be completed. 


IT really is a phenomenal collection of our shoes and we are so happy to spread the stories of our amazing Lola Lovers. 

If you want to see more of Lea? Check her out on Instagram!

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